Please note, I earn money when I sell my teaching resources.  I attend a private university for graduate school and have two kids attending college.  My blog and TPT store helps me pay all the college bills.  With that being said, my disclosure policy and terms of use are listed below.

Items I Create:
Please note, the items I create are intended for single classroom use.  Please do not copy for entire grade level(s) or school system use.  {My TPT store offers half price bulk discounts for those of you purchasing items to be used in more than one classroom.}  Copying and placing my products on the internet, including a classroom, school, or personal blog/site, is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Advertising & Affiliate Links:
I create items and sell them, and I pimp them out here on my blog.  I also have advertising links throughout the blog, and I earn a teeny, tiny bit of money each time a link is clicked.  Now and then, I will place a direct link to Amazon.com, and I do earn a money when a purchase is made after following one of those links I provide.  Please do not freak out over this; I only provide links for products I believe in and use in my own classroom.  For instance, the spinner arrows I use when I create a fun spinner game can be found here.  Oh, and I use a ton of E-6000 glue to hold my comb bound books together, and it can be found by clicking here.  Seriously, gluing the combs keeps kiddos from pulling the books apart.  It also comes in super handy when classroom chair feet pop off!  


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