Qualification Highlights
Versatile educator who consistently demonstrates a unique combination of organizational and administrative skills, combined with an exemplary knowledge of human development and early childhood education, seeks a position where experience, motivation, and commitment to excellence will be utilized and advanced. 
  • Prior teaching & volunteer experience with multiple age groups
  • In depth knowledge and experience implementing play-based, emergent curriculum
  • Excellent project management and team leadership skills
  • Goal oriented and works collaboratively with other administrators and officials

Teaching Experience 
I began working in the field of early childhood education in 1994.  I currently teach kindergarten in Washington state. My experience includes working in public and private elementary school settings, Head Start, college & university laboratory schools, and private preschools throughout the Pacific Northwest. I also spent five years working with adults in the Cincinnati area and loved that dynamic, as well. I truly enjoy working with people of all ages. 

Teaching Style
I am a very energetic teacher of pre-k and kindergarten age children! I love creating fun and engaging curriculum items for my classroom.  My work with students revolves around curriculum that is play-based, emergent, and relevant in the lives of children. One of my classroom superpowers is hosting meaningful & empowering whole group lessons.

A.A.S. Early Childhood Education
B.A. Human Development & Early Childhood Education
Master's in Early Childhood & Elementary Education PK-12
Reading Interventionist Endorsement & Certification
EdD Literacy (2018-present)

Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Reading Interventionist

Infant and Toddler Development Certificate
Preschool Child Development Certificate
Early Childhood Education Certificate
Reading Interventionist Certificate

Located in the Pacific Northwest 


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