Qualification Highlights
Versatile educator who consistently demonstrates a unique combination of organizational and administrative skills, combined with an exemplary knowledge of human development and early childhood education, seeks a position where experience, motivation, and commitment to excellence will be utilized and advanced. 
  • Prior teaching & volunteer experience with multiple age groups
  • In depth knowledge and experience implementing play-based, emergent curriculum
  • Excellent project management and team leadership skills
  • Goal oriented and works collaboratively with other administrators and officials

Teaching Experience 
I have been in the field of early childhood education since 1994.  I currently teach kindergarten in Washington state. My experience includes working in public and private elementary school settings, Head Start, college & university laboratory schools, and private preschools throughout the Pacific Northwest. I also spent five years working with adults in the Cincinnati area and loved that dynamic, as well. I truly enjoy working with people of all ages. 

Teaching Style
I am a very energetic teacher of preschool and kindergarten age children! I love creating fun and engaging curriculum items for my classroom.  My work with students revolves around curriculum that is play based, emergent, and relevant in the lives of children. One of my classroom superpowers is hosting meaningful & empowering whole group instruction.

A.A.S. Early Childhood Education
B.A. Human Development & Early Childhood Education
Master's in Early Childhood & Elementary Education PK-12

Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Reading Interventionist

Infant and Toddler Development Certificate
Preschool Child Development Certificate
Early Childhood Education Certificate
Oregon Early Childhood Professional Registry Step 11 Teacher

Located in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area)


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