COVID-19 Blues: Clearing My Classroom

I think I may be suffering from the COVID-19 blues.  Is that a thing?  I think it really is a thing.  I was fine.  I was totally fine.  I pinky swear to you that I was FINE.  Then, teachers in my school were asked to take all of our personal things home, and I was not fine anymore.

Am I alone here?  Has anyone else been asked to do the same?  What will next year look like in your  building?  Do you feel this will serve our youngest learners well?

Distance Learning (Ending and Starting a School Year)

Hi, there!  My school is winding down the year -- distance learning style. 😮😵☹️ I assume most of us ended on the same note.  Even though the year is not over yet, I am already having nightmares about NEXT school year.  It's clear we will start the year with some amount of distance learning taking place, but we have not been told to what extent.  I am looking for ideas on how to pull off distance learning with more hands-on opportunities for our youngest learners (preschool, pre-k, TK, and kindergarten).  Let's collaborate!  Tell me your ideas to do this in an affordable, effective way.  Watch my video to see how I am winding down the school year with my kindergarten friends and for more info about collaborating ideas for distance learning.  Leave your tips and ideas in the comments section of my blog.