A-Z Camping Themed Write the Room

I whipped together a fun "write the room" activity for my June reading stations.  Yes, I will be teaching until nearly the end of June!  *gasp*  I am putting together a camping theme for my classroom, and I wanted a WTR activity to match.  It's 50% off for the weekend!  

This packet includes:
- 19 printable pages
- 26 (A-Z) word wall / pocket chart cards- Table top word chart (I place them acrylic sign holders!)- 3 differentiated levels of word recording sheets - My favorite winter word write, draw & tell- Beginning letter match up- Syllable count and match- Syllable count and graph- Spin and spell

Words of Focus:animals, bear, canoe, deer, eagle, fire, ghost story, hive, insects, jerky, kindling, lantern, mountains, nature, overnight, pole, quest, rope, sleeping bag, tent, utility truck, vest, water, experts, yummy, zone

Classroom Ideas:Print, cut, laminate, and hang the word wall cards around your classroom . You can post the cards in your writing area, a pocket chart, or hang them around the room (walls, doors, cubbies, backs of shelves, etc.). Students can use them to spell & read each word by pointing with their finger or with a pointer. They can record/write the words on the recording sheets provided in this packet.
My students take great pride in writing and reading key words of the season. I hope your students looooove these activities as much as mine do.

Camping Write the Room:

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