Kindergarten Handwriting Alphabet and Phonics {HWT Styles}

My current school district uses HWT to teach handwriting at the kindergarten level.  That means I have had to ditch alllllll of my handwriting packets that feature D'Nealian for now.  *insert frownie face with steam coming of nostrils here*

I find the GIANT books that come with the HWT program to be super challenging for my brand new kindergarten friends.  Their little hands fumble through the pages.  Someone always ends up on the wrong page.  Always.  Sigh.  So, to help guide us through the first 26 days of the school year, I use these little writing prompt sheets instead.  These also help us quickly move through lowercase handwriting practice and hit some phonics work at the same time.  Fast finishers can color the picture and add more details to the picture they drew in the box.

There are three different levels in all.  Choose which level is best for the group you are working with this school year.  I usually always start off with the beginner level.  There is still plenty of space for the smarty-pants kiddos to show off if need be.  This is great practice for anyone using a "ball and stick" style handwriting in kindergarten.
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Download the preview if you'd like a closer look at the pages.  You can pick them up half off over the weekend.  After that, the packet will go up to $3.00.