Organizing Google Classroom {Kindergarten Style)

I have made a video each day for my kindergarten students.  I thought it was about time I made one for my teacher friends!  I had no idea how much I ramble on and on until I had to start editing videos of myself talking.  Yikes!

Anyway, I fell into several traps when I first got started with Google Classroom that caused hours of backtracking and tons of confusion, and I thought I would share three of the most helpful tips I wish would have known before I had gotten started.  The focus is on 1) making sure students are logged in with their own Google account info in order to access Google Classroom, 2) using topics to keep everything organized within Google Classroom, and 3) recognizing that there is a difference between assignments and materials.  If you have already been using GC, you probably already know all of the info.  If you are just getting started, these tips might save you a bunch of time in the long run.

 I hope to have more videos posted soon.  Thanks for watching!


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