ReadyGEN Unit 5 Vocabulary Prompts (finally!)

I know, I know.  It has taken me FOREVER to complete the ReadyGEN vocabulary prompts that I am fairly certain I promised everyone by late fall of 2017.  Yikes.  Typing it is making the entire year seem like a blur.  Since I started posting these on TPT, I made a school district move...and my new district is the only remaining district still on strike here in SW Washington state.  Needless to say, it has been a stressful year -- especially these last few weeks of striking.  I decided to burn off some of my nervous strike energy by getting these vocabulary notebook prompts ready for my TPT store.

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Lucky for you, these vocabulary journal prompts are teacher and kindergarten student tested and approved!  My little students have absolutely loved diving into vocab the past two school years because of these interactive notebooks, and it has made ReadyGEN way more fun to teach.  What I love about these notebook prompts is that they are open ended enough to leave lots of room for interpretation of each vocabulary word.

I typically draw a picture that represents the word so my non-readers can easily find the word they are looking for without having to ask anyone.  I drew the image of a nest.  Yes, those are eggs!  And then there is the drawing from one of my students for the word extinct.  He chose to draw dinosaur bones, which had nothing to do with the story we read, but he knows dinosaurs are extinct.  What a fabulous connection this little fellow made! 

As I said above, I always, always, always provide some sort of picture representation of the words students can choose from.  This helps them make successful choices on their own...without asking adults for help reading the word.  I draw the images during our whole group read aloud, as students cheer me on and direct me on what to add to the picture.  As you can see in the images below, I have placed the picture I drew during our whole group lesson just above the vocabulary word prompts.  Students need to enter at least one word in their journal, write the word twice, and draw a picture to match the word.  Once we have used our journals a few times, I ask that they enter at least two words.  I often give them the super-challenge of entering 5 or 6 words.  Once they are done with one word, they move on to another on their own.  They can do it!  
Anyway, Unit 5 words are ready.  These quarter size vocabulary words inserts were created to fit inside of composition notebooks that have been cut in half, but they can also be used in full size notebooks!
Vocabulary Words Included for the Following Books:
• Unit 5A: The Tiny Seed {12 key words)
• Unit 5A: Jack's Garden (and Green Plants poem) {15 key words}
• Unit 5B: Swirl By Swirl {16key words}
• Unit 5B: Plant Patterns {16 key words}

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Teachers Will:
Choose the version that will best support your students:
• Vocab word with 3 handwriting lines for word writing practice
• Vocab word with definition and 2 handwriting lines for writing practice
Copy the page of words you need for the day/lesson. Cut each full size sheet of paper into four pieces (one per quarter sheet per student).
Students Will:
Students will glue their vocabulary word (quarter sheet) into the notebook on the left hand side. Write the word on the lines provided. Draw a picture of the meaning of the word on the right hand side of the notebook.
To ensure this packet is a good fit for both you and your students, please download Unit 1 Life in a Pond for FREE by clicking HERE!
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Units 6...coming soon!


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