Editable CCSS Kindergarten I Can Statement Cards

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I have *needed* these cards for the past two school years.  I milked my pre-k learning standard cards as much as possible, and they did fit the bill most of the time.  However, kindergarten state standards are very detailed.  I want this year's focus wall to represent that level of detail.  With that being said, here are the new CCSS Kindergarten I Can Statement cards!

My batch is fresh off the color printer...waiting to be laminated.  This was a labor of love, y'all!  There are 88 pre-written "I Can" cards, or you can opt to create your own with the editable PowerPoint I included in the download.

These 88 cards were created to help families (and school officials) decode and make connections with the reading, writing, language, and math standards used in many kindergarten classrooms.  The “I Can” statements let everyone know what it might look like when standards are met by kindergarten students.

The color-coded background helps keep the standards categorized on bulletin boards and pocket charts.  As the year progresses, I swap cards and replace them with our current overarching target(s). When I begin teaching a new target / standard, I make sure to introduce students to the card.  We refer back to the card(s) during our mini-lesson for the day.  This helps everyone in the room have a clear idea as to what our goals are per lesson.

Standards & Areas of Focus Include:
Reading: Literature = Red
Reading: Informational Text = Aqua
Reading: Foundational Skills = Orange
Writing = Pink
Speaking & Listening = Yellow
Language = Blue
Operations & Algebraic Thinking = Gold
Counting & Cardinality = Purple
Operations in Base Ten = Lime
Measurement & Data = Brown
Geometry = Emerald

Packet Includes:
- 88 pre-made "I Can" cards with CCSS standards listed
- 11 editable pages with select images (4 cards per page)
- 11 editable pages without images (4 cards per page)
You can download a product preview to see if this is a good fit for you and your students.  Just go to my TPT store and click the preview button.  Happy teaching!



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