Unit 3 Kindergarten ReadyGEN Vocabulary Journal Notebook Prompts

The Unit 3 vocabulary journal prompt packet, featuring vocabulary words that fit beautifully with ReadyGEN Kindergarten, is finally here!  My kindergarten team has already completed both stories in 3A.  We will jump into 3B as soon as we return from winter break.  With our crazy Pacific Northwest weather changing as frequently and harshly as it tends to this time of year, this is the perfect time to read books related to weather! #bringit

Vocabulary Words Included for the Following Books:
• Unit 3A: Come On, Rain! {41 key word}
• Unit 3A: The Snowy Day {18 key words}
• Unit 3B: Weather Words and What They Mean {35 key words}
• Unit 3B: What Will the Weather Be? {26 key words}

Teachers Will:
Choose the version that will best support your students:
 • Vocab word with 3 handwriting lines for word writing practice
 • Vocab word with definition and 2 handwriting lines for writing practice

Copy the page of words you need for the day/lesson. Cut each full size sheet of paper into four pieces (one per quarter sheet per student).

Students Will:
Students will glue their vocabulary word (quarter sheet) into the notebook on the left hand side. Write the word on the lines provided. Draw a picture of the meaning of the word on the right hand side of the notebook.  Below are two examples of what vocabulary in my classroom looks like.  (Pictures taken during Unit 2 / Farming Then and Now.  The top illustration is a "crop of corn" and below that is "veggies in a harvest basket".  #LOVEIT)

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Units 4, 5, and 6...coming soon!


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