ReadyGEN Aligned Vocabulary Kindergarten Unit 2

My district uses ReadyGEN for ELA.  It can be quite bland for kindergarten students.  If you've taught kindergarten in a ReadyGEN district, you know exactly what I mean.  In order to make this curriculum a bit more interactive, I put together vocabulary journal prompts for the kindergarten team.  I piloted the program last school year, and my students quickly fell into the routine.  I knew it was something I wanted to repeat and implement more than once per week.  Not only did students have a much deeper understanding of the stories at hand, they were making connections to vocabulary words between two and three stories.  {Ahhhh-mazing!}

Below is a bit of student work from Farming Then and Now (unit 2).  The practice writing the word on one side of the journal and illustrate the other side.  You will see a "corn crop" in the first image and a "basket of harvested veggies" in the second.  :)

Unit 2 vocab journal prompts are available in my TPT store.  If you are looking for a way to spice up vocabulary in a kindergarten classroom/program where ReadyGEN is utilized, this is a effective and engaging way to work vocabulary work into your weekly routine.

Unit 2 Vocabulary Journal Prompts:

Did you miss Unit 1 vocab prompts?  Here's a link:


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