The Good for NOTHING Button! Story Retell Character Crowns {FREE}

Teacher friends, have you discovered the book, The Good for NOTHING Button!, and all of the joy it brings?  I caught wind of it just this summer, and I can hardly wait to introduce it to my new kindergarten students. My husband picked up on my intense level of excitement...check out what he constructed to go along with the book...

That's right!  It's a good for nothing button!  Guess what it does.  Absolutely nothing!  Ahhhhh...I love it so much.  I decided to whip up a few character crowns that I will have students wear as they act out the book as I read.  I sometimes laminate my character crowns in order to get the most use out of them, but you certainly do not have to.  I do find they work best and are super sturdy when printed on card stock.  Enjoy!

Click image or here for your FREE download.

Link to free file:

Have fun with this story, and watch out...that good for nothing button might just make you smile.  :)


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