ReadyGEN Kindergarten Vocabulary Interactive Notebook Prompts {FREE}

When I first began teaching ReadyGEN to kindergarten students, I tried to come up with an engaging way to keep the vocabulary momentum going, and I invented a vocabulary journal.  I did this mainly because my students really love anything that is tucked inside of their very own journal or notebook.  It's somehow ever better if I cut the composition notebook in half and make it a mini-notebook, which is exactly what I did for our vocabulary notebooks.  Whatever works, right?!?  The outcome was phenomenal.  My students enjoyed vocabulary so much when conducted this way, I felt the need to share it with other ReadyGEN focused Kindergarten teachers!
I whipped up quarter size vocabulary words to fit inside of composition notebooks that have been cut in half, but they can also be used in full size notebooks! (I cut my notebooks at home on my band saw. I find the fine blade on that type of saw keeps the pages from fraying. Table saws tend to “chew up” the notebooks.  Tutorial on cutting notebooks coming soon...pinky promise!)
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Teachers Will:
Choose the version that will best support your students: 
     • Vocab word with 3 handwriting lines for word writing practice
     • Vocab word with definition and 2 handwriting lines for writing practice
Copy the page of words you need for the day/lesson. Cut each full size sheet of paper into four pieces (one per quarter sheet per student).

Students Will:
Students will glue their vocabulary word (quarter sheet) into the notebook on the left hand side. Write the word on the lines provided. Draw a picture of the meaning of the word on the right hand side of the notebook.

Vocabulary Words Include:
• pond 
• body 
• still 
• shallow 
• forests 
• cities 
• farms 
• lakes 
• breathe 
• dive 
• shines 
• gills 
• underwater 
• bloom 
• together 
• need 
• full of life 
• cattails 
• insects 
• water lilies 
• float 
• full 

More vocabulary to cover every ReadyGEN Kindergarten unit and module coming soon!  If you like this free Unit 1, Module B sample, please follow my TPT store to find out when the bundled packet for all of Unit 1 is released.  It will be half price the first 24 hours after being listed in my store!

Check out my Units and modules story map HERE!


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