ReadyGEN Kindergarten Units and Modules Book Map

When I began teaching kindergarten this past school year, I was unfamiliar with ReadyGEN's curriculum.  It took me a while to find all of the teaching materials needed for this quest, and looking back at my particular situation, I can see how a simple map of each unit and module would have helped me tremendously throughout the year.  Although my circumstances were unusual due to coming in as a teacher in late October, after the rest of the school had been chugging along since the beginning of September, I would imagine a map would help anyone new to the world of ReadyGEN.

I want the upcoming year to go smoothly, so I whipped up this map to keep me on track.  It's free.  It's simple.  It is to-the-point.  I have printed my copy and will keep it in my planning binder.  I hope someone out there finds it helpful; especially if ReadyGEN seems a bit foreign to you.

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