CCSS Kindergarten Data Tracking Forms {FREE}

After tracking all of the common core data last year, I decided to make my life easier THIS school year.  I whipped up data tracking forms for all of the ELA and Math standards that contain room for three terms worth of data per standard/strand.

Click here to download this packet for FREE!

I used forms last year that someone else made and they were very cute, but the lack of lines to separate terms nearly drove me batty.  So for the sake of my eyeballs, sanity, and keeping an entire school year worth of information on one page, here's my solution.  I hope it helps you, too.

• CCSS kindergarten data tracking forms
• Covers ELA and Math
• 3 terms / grading periods per standard
• Editable name fields
• Section / strand dividers included

Here's how I go about editing the names.  I do it this way because I only want to type the names ONCE!  After I type them one time, I highlight, copy, and paste my way through the remainder of the document.

Step 1:
Starting with student #1 on your roster, begin typing names.  Simply click the word "name" that I provided as a placeholder and start typing.

Step 2:
Highlight the name fields.  You now either A) right click your mouse to find the copy feature or B) press Ctrl C on your keyboard.  {I have a PC...I have no idea how Mac users would utilize such a feature.}  When your fields are highlighted, they will have little boxes around each name.

Step 3:
Go to your next standard that requires the names of students 1-15.  Delete the name fields on that page/slide so that the page has blank name slots like this...

Step 4:
Use the Ctrl V feature on your keyboard OR right click your mouse and choose the "paste" option to paste names 1-15 onto your new page. 

If some of the names do not line up 100%, just move them around by dragging the text box.  I never bother to do this.  The way it looks above it literally how I will leave it for printing.  :) 

You will do this for each of the first pages per standard.  Then, move on to your page 2 kiddos.  Print the pages when you all done.  

***Be sure to SAVE the file!  Print it in color so you can see the difference between math and ELA standards in a snap.***

Please remember, this is a FREE file. If you have something snarky to say about it, please address it with me first by sending me an email before leaving negative feedback in my TPT store.  I might actually be able to help you with whatever issue you are having.  It took me hours and hours to make this for myself (and my team of eight kindergarten teachers).  I am sharing out of kindness.  We allllllll need a little more kindness in our world. kind.  :)

Happy data tracking!



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