Unexpected (But Welcomed) Changes

Hello blog friends!  Long time, no blog posts.

Life threw me a big, happy curve ball at the end of October.  I received a phone call regarding a kindergarten classroom in need of a new teacher...the next day...and I said yes to the job offer.  So, I have been a full time kindergarten teacher since Tuesday, October 25!  I was not expecting to work in the classroom as a teacher until fall of 2017 due to all of the graduate school practicum hours I needed to log between now and mid-December 16 of this year.  I mean, who in the world expects to get a full time teaching position offered to them mid-year?  Not me.  My goal was to wrap up my reading endorsement and sub for a while.  What I ended up with is WAY better!  I am finally settling in a bit, and I feel as though life is starting to look as normal as it possibly can at this time.  So here I am writing to you.  I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing and you are enjoying what it left of the holiday break!

As unexpected as this has all been, it has been WONDERFUL to be back in my own classroom.  I am sitting here printing out my Christmas write the room packet so we can get crackin' on...well..writing the room starting Monday.  They will be so excited for another new addition to our Daily 5 routine.  It thrills me to watch their little faces each time I introduce something new.

Click image to preview and purchase this holiday packet!
Speaking of, my Daily 5 station tubs are prepped and ready to roll, and I will move on to prepping new math station tubs tomorrow, when my eyes are fresh.  (It is Thanksgiving break, after all.)  I love these silly little tubs so much.  They provide me with no less than two weeks of stations for my students, and these little learners are eating up the hands-on activities provided in the station tubs.  It took a couple of weeks of training to prep them for this independent work, but all of the effort was well worth it to me!  More pictures and info regarding my stations will be posted soon.

Gobble, gobble!