Illness strikes (again)..which led to these cool name mats!

Uggg, I am home sick today.  It's my birthday.  What a crummy way to spend a birthday.  Relaxing...but crummy.

I had a terrible migraine all day yesterday.  It was a super-crazy day at school so I didn't really think much of the head pounding and upset tummy.  It wasn't until I got home that I realized I was running a fever.  D'oh!  How did I miss that?  For anyone keeping track, I was also sick the week before last, and I spent all of last week trying to get over it.  I am hoping all of the germs my kindergarten buddies keep sending my way will somehow give me superpowers.  Flying would be a good one.  I could use that power in so many ways.

Anyway, a friend of mine asked me to make her a new somethin', somethin' to add to her kindergarten morning work routine.  I used this afternoon to create the template for her.  She needed something super hands on, but with loads of emphasis on each student's name to meet their developmental needs.  Something that would be engaging enough to capture their attention while multiple busloads of kiddos trickle into the classroom.  I also made a set for the classroom I am completing my grad school practicum in, but I am not sure they will be used much there because she already had her own system of morning work in place.  Perhaps she will be able to utilize the mats as a word work activity once Daily 5 begins.  If not, I have an amazing template to use in my own classroom...once I have a classroom of my own again.

Here's how this page works once printed and laminated.  Step 1, write your name with a dry erase marker. Step 2, build your name with letter tiles.  Step 3, shape your name with playdough!  SO MUCH FUN!  And yes, I am such a huge nerd that I made one for myself.  :)

I've already had several teacher buddies ask me for a template.  I'm on it, friends.  Check back soon for a FREE editable packet for these name mats.