Teacher Home Office ORGANIZING Day

I wish I could get paid to organize my home office.  As often as I go through these motions, I would be a bazillionaire by now.  Instead, I keep buying more and more and more and MORE stuff for my classroom.  I do not have a classroom right now due to being in a full time graduate program. With that being said, my little office is bursting at the seams!  I literally have an entire classroom worth of goodies in my office.  (Note the Rubbermaid totes under my work space, and that is only the TIP of the iceberg.  Not optimal!)

My most recent solution was to buy a couple of large file cabinets, as well as an office grade metal bookshelf.  It really did help me get organized and sort through what I have, as well as create a wishlist of what I need.  {That's right, more shopping and creating is in store for me!}

Ahhhhhhh!  I love organizing.  I wish I would have snapped a "before" picture.  This space has been totally transformed by adding the two file cabinets and black bookshelf behind my comfy chair.  :)

I finally have a place for my Guided Reader units and Guided Reading leveled readers (by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills)!  Those binders are so huge, but they are SO WORTH IT!  Organize them JUST like Deanna says to.  Trust me.  It works.  (Get the binders at Goodwill if possible.)

Tah-dah!  A million file folder games, alphabet match ups, super-fun math stuff, and a so much more resides inside of those 8 drawers!  *TEACHER BLISS*
I am not quite done yet.  I am finalizing permanent homes for each of my files, but there are really only so many places I can shove things.  With that being said, I placed sticky notes on the drawer fronts so I could move and re-organize as I loaded and sorted.  I want to leave them there a few more days before making my final labeling decision.  I know, super classy, right???  They will most likely fall off between now and the time I actually get around to making real labels, and then I will have to start all over again.  I often feel as though my entire world revolves around fallen stickies.  :) 

Enough feeling sorry for myself.  The BEST part of this office re-do is...it cost me $50.  I bought the file cabinets on Craigslist from a dear, sweet elderly man who was shutting down his business after 40+ years!  He kept telling us how the cabinets are HON brand, which are "the very best money can buy".  I believe it!  They are HEAVY DUTY file cabinets.  Moving them upstairs was a cross-fit session, for sure.  And the metal shelf, which weighs about as much as one of the file cabinets, came from the Goodwill Outlet for $10.  If you are not familiar with the outlet, otherwise known as "the bins", you must watch the Thrift Store video from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  You will pretty much find anything and everything at the bins, and you will be sure to take someone's grandpa's style while looking for a "come up".

Back to laminating I go, friends.  I will write more about HOW I chose to organize all of my stuff once I finalize my thoughts on the matter.  Thanks for reading about my exciting holiday weekend.  School starts Wednesday morning.  Wish me (and all 24 of my kindergarten friends) luck!


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