QR Code Listen to Reading Book Rings {FREE}

I must brag about a free printable I found on Teachers Pay Teachers because it is PERFECT for those of us who are not as iPad savvy and techie as some teachers.  Meghan, from Meghan's Pad, posted a FREE printable to help the not-so-techie teachers of the world {ME!}.  I downloaded the freebie, downloaded a free QR code reader, tried out a few of my favorite books by scanning codes directly from the PDF on my computer screen, and promptly began the printing and lamination process.  No kidding. These are totally worth printer toner and laminating pouches!

Printed, laminated, cut, and ready for the hole punch!

I sorted the cards by category and added them to book rings.  I am considering making a cover page featuring a simple graphic/icon representing each set so my pre-readers can easily recognize the category.

So far, I have not found a code that does not link me to the featured picture book.  Meghan does warn us that some of the videos have been removed from youtube and/or may no longer work.  In my opinion, that is pretty much nature of the beast when it comes to anything online.

The videos open up in safeshare.tv, which eliminates ads and the ability to hunt for more videos.  (Yes, many kindergarten children know how to search for videos on youtube!  I certainly do not want this happening in the classroom.) Anyway, the QR codes are a brilliant way to have children independently access a "listen to reading" activity.  I placed mine on a binder ring and will add them to my listen to reading center once I finally get my own classroom again.  (Grad school is really bustin' my teacher groove right now.)

Here's to Meghan!  I do not know her, but she has a special place in my teacher-heart right now.  She has inspired me to add to this already amazing collection by making a few cards of my own!  :)

Here is a link to Meghan's Pad blog post:

Here is a link to Meghan's Pad QR code printable on TPT:


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