Grad School Chronicles: Week 26

Week 26 brought a lot of emotion to the surface.  And I do mean a LOT.  Week 26 marks the last week of coursework.  From here on out, we fulfill twelve weeks worth of practicum work in local elementary schools.  At that point, we graduate as schools let out for winter break.

As with any graduate program, it has been a stressful journey.  You would never know we were all in the middle of a stressful day of completing final projects by looking at this picture would you?  I will miss these faces!  These faces belong to AMAZING TEACHERS!  I feel honored to have traveled the path of graduate school with them by my side.  There were many times I might not have made it through without their wisdom, support, and love.

Here's to love and laughter, food and drinks while studying, picture books in the middle of the day, pop bottle rockets flying across the quad (and classroom), and way too much time spent on lap tops.  Most of all, here's to a new chapter in life, my friends.

My thoughts for the week...
I will miss those faces, but I know I will see them again.


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