Grad School Chronicles: Week 25

I made a promise to myself that I would buy myself something purdy once ALLLLLLLLL of my coursework was complete.  (A little incentive never hurts!)  The second I wrapped up my very last final project, I ran to Target, darted past the Dollar Spot (so unlike me!!!), and made a beeline to the Apple Watches.

Do you hear angels singing?  Because I am pretty sure they are...

My new favorite thing in the whole world.  I have big plans for putting this baby to use in my classroom (once I actually have a classroom of my own again)!
The BEST part of completing all of my work one week ahead of schedule is that I get to sit in class and play with my new toy teacher tool while everyone else has to pay attention.  ***JOY***

My thoughts for the week...

  • I.  Worked.  My.  Tail.  Off.
  • I am feeling a bit numb now that it is all said and done.
  • I can't believe I am the same person who struggled so much throughout my K-12 years.  
  • I ended grad school with a 4.0!!!!!


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