Daily 5 with The Sisters in Tacoma

I wrapped up my graduate coursework on August 4th.  On August 5, I headed to Tacoma (with my husband in tow) for the Daily 5 conference.  My brain was ready for a break from listening to lectures, but my heart needed a bit of a boost.  The Daily 5 conference granted me both!

Selfie on the pier.  The Tacoma Dome is directly behind us.

It was a gorgeous day to walk 5 miles in search of happy hour and seafood!  :)

Outside of the glass museum in Tacoma.   These sculptures are incredible!

We stayed overnight at the conference venue.  It was a lovely break from the grad school grind we have both endured since January 11th.  (Even though I was the one attending classes, I am pretty sure we will both agree that it took a toll on BOTH of us! lol)  I rolled into the conference very familiar with the structure and philosophy of Daily 5.  However, hearing Joan and Gail speak about what works for their students was the best.  They spoke of updates since their latest book edition was published, and hearing their justifications and research has me itching to try this structure in my classroom.  I sat with a group of teachers who were just as excited to be there as I was. As a matter of fact, one of them offered to snap the picture below.

Gail, Heather, Joan at the Daily 5 conference in Tacoma!

Now my grad school classes have come to a screeching halt...and the one and only summer conference I looked forward to attending is over. You know what that means, right?!?  It is time to clean the house I seem to have forgotten I own.  I did clean it during my semester break, but it somehow grew dust bunnies and mold in places I did not know existed between then and now.  Although my office is not NEARLY as bad as it was in May, I am posting a picture of the mess I am currently surrounded by as a means of lighting a fire under my tush!

I am publicly shaming myself by posting this picture. :)

I have a number of products to work on for TPT, my own classroom use, and for a few clients.  Until this mess is under control, no work cam or will take place.  Uggggg.  Let the cleaning begin!


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