Grad School Chronicles: Week 21

Week 21 has come and gone, and it fed directly into the looooong 4th of July weekend!  Let's clink margarita glasses together...*CLINK* I do love a good holiday weekend.

My thoughts for the week...
I am having a difficult time jumping back into the swing of full time classes, and I am starting to realize it is due to being tired of trying to figure out a new set of professors (and their personalities, expectations, rules) every seven to eight weeks.  It is exhausting to start over again and again and again.  I miss the routine of regular life, and I need to find a way to let go of my fear and hesitation.

So I jumped back into running.  I have no pictures to share of running.  Why?  Because I was busy running and not messing with my phone.  When I had surgery for cancer in October, I quit running.  This mainly happened out of need. The doc took a mighty LARGE portion of the skin on my left knee, as well as the fatty tissue underneath.  Because there isn't a lot of skin in the knee area, it screwed up my entire knee.  Everything was instantly "squished" together as they stitched me back together.  Over time, my knee cap shifted.  Anyway, my knee still hurts to this day, and I am not convinced it will ever be the same.  I have a physical therapist, and the PT exercises have helped a lot.  She works on "stretching" the skin around my knee to make it all more pliable and bendable.  I am a work in progress for her.  For many months now, I felt as though cancer took running away from me, and it was such a critical part of my life.  Running is how I would blow off steam, go into deep thought mode, work in my cardio, come up with diabolical plans, keep kept my weight stable, etc.  I decided this week that it was time to get it all back.  Now I wish I would have snapped a picture to prove it.  :)

Instead, I will share one of the most sacred images of all time.  *Brace yourself!*  I present to you...a picture of pulled pork.  

My husband and I woke up early Saturday morning to start the Traeger (smoker).  We made the most amazing pulled pork!  Here's what we made with the finished product...pulled pork tacos!

Life is good.  I need to start enjoying it again.


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