Grad School Chronicles: Week 20

Week 20 of graduate school was *almost* as bittersweet as week 19.  At week 19, I said goodbye to my "surrogate littles".  The good news is, I will see each of them next year as they walk down the halls as first graders!  {Sweet!} I love the "working with children" part of grad school (most likely because working with children is my job in real life), but the full time coursework part of it all is not my cup of tea.  With that being said, back to full time coursework I go.  {Bitter!}  To prepare for the next 6 1/2 weeks of life, I cried excessively prepared three-ring binders to keep me organized.

I think this might be the Hello Pool Noodle font....LOOOOOVE IT!

Inside, there are dividers for each class, with sub-dividers for each week of class.  I designated each of my four courses a color, green, pink, and orange.  For the most part, I take notes for each class on my laptop.  However, if I take handwritten notes, I make sure to use the corresponding color ink for that class.  Same goes for anything documented on my assignment sheets and calendar.    The color code system helps sort the workload in my head with a quick glance.  This is actually a very similar system used for my small groups in my classroom!  (Ahhh, the teacher in me is rarely switched to the off position.)  As a matter of fact, I even color code my text book spines with sticky notes!  It's an illness.

Anyway, each binder contains notebook paper and a Velcro closing binder pocket.  (Side note: I also use the Velcro closing binder pockets throughout my curriculum binders to hold small group stuff and game pieces.  They help me keep me super organized!  Check them out by clicking here).

My thoughts for the week...
I have mixed feelings about this condensed, cohort-based program.  So much so that I think I might be developing an ulcer.  Cramming 15-17 weeks of material into a 6 1/2 week time frame is an insane workload.  I know, I know...I brought this on all by myself.  I do not regret my decision to head back to school.  However, when I begin the process of narrowing down a doctoral program, I will make certain to seek a part time, non-cohort program!  Lessons are learned through trial and error, right?  :)


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