Grad School Chronicles: Week 19

Week 19 brings an end to phase one (of three) practicum experiences in my graduate program.  I celebrated by wearing my Happy Last Day of School shirt!

Every teacher NEEDS one of these shirts!
It will be exciting to see this group of littles come back to school next year as first graders!  They are all so bright -- in many different ways -- I decided to give them an end of the school year gift that was sure to be a hit!
Plain Dollar Tree LED flashlights made up all fancy-like!
Mission accomplished!  I mean, what kid doesn't love a flashlight???  Thank goodness for Dollar Tree.  With the batteries are already loaded into the flashlight, I was able to snag a gift for each student for $1.00 each!  Cha-ching!  I had the 4" x 6"cellophane bags in my crafting closet leftover from my hair bow making and selling days.  (You can also buy them in the candy making/wedding section at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.)  I whipped up the label and printed two at a time on card stock.  Viola...fancy kid gifts are born.  They were a total hit on the last day of school!

If you would like the editable gift tag PowerPoint document for yourself, download it from my Drop Box account for free.  The main font I used throughout was KG Miss Kindergarten, also free for personal use.  In order to have the tag look like the one in the picture above, you will need to download and install the font.  Of course, you could always sign your name after printing the tags.  The border is from The Pond, the heart is from Pink Cat Studio, and the bulb is from Krista Wallden (Creative Clips).  Gotta give credit for the cute stuff!  Check out those sellers if you don't already own a bunch of their work.

Thoughts for the week...
I am sad to see the school year end.  With the closing of practicum experience phase one brings a new round of full time graduate coursework.  I will be back with my cohort Monday through Thursday...alllllll day long...for seven weeks.  It's not that some of my cohort members aren't super-delightful to be around, but I would much rather be in a classroom full of pre-k or kindergarten students.  I am pretty sure all of our teacher hearts feel that way.  


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