The Tiny Seed & the Plant Life Cycle

It's spring! It's spring!  After a looooooong, rainy winter in the Pacific Northwest, I look forward to spring like you would not believe.  One of my favorite spring themes in the classroom is the plant life cycle, and The Tiny Seed is a fabulous way to introduce the concept to young learners.  So what is the very first thing we do when it's time to think about planting seeds, watching trees bursting with buds, and see a glimpse of sunshine in the near future?

From there, a lot of hard work takes place.  I mean...a LOT of hard work.  So what exactly did we do that was so much fun and kept my little learners super engaged?

I've created multiple teaching resources that focus on the plant life cycle, and each one was made with the pre-k and kindergarten age range in mind.  If you are in the market for some new teaching resources, please take a peek at my online store!  

Click HERE to check out my spring teaching resources!
Happy planting...


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