Frog Life Cycle Science Journal Observation Pages {FREE}

I have a new FREE packet over in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  This one contains a "fact or opinion" about the frog life cycle journal page, as well as the frog life cycle daily science journal page I use in my classroom.  If you're reluctant to put together science journals for your preschool or pre-k class, please give it a try!  Last year, I put together one journal that the entire class shared, rather than creating a journal for each student.  At first, I wasn't sure it was going to work out, but it was so much fun to share the journal and take turns adding our thoughts and drawings!  Who knew?

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After catching a tadpole in my backyard pond, our class was able to begin the frog life cycle unit!  It was so much fun.  The timing of this unit is a bit unpredictable for me because I am never certain when I will find tadpoles in the pond.  However, I do my best to remain flexible enough to allow ample time for this awesome unit each year.  It is sooooo worth it!  Students love watching the tiny tadpoles grow.  We record our observations each day on a Frog Life Cycle science journal page by writing and drawing pictures of what we see.  This is such an amazing time for children, in terms of vocabulary growth.  There is so much rich vocabulary that can be introduced while observing frogs.  From the proper terminology of the life cycle itself to words such as shallow, elusive, quick, swiftly, abrupt, lazy, enormous, gigantic, shrinking, etc.  Uhhhh!  I miss my little learners and my classroom!  Can grad school be over already?  Please????  Pretty please?!?!?!?!

Lily pads and plastic "jumping" frogs in the small sensory table provided hours of fun!  I added wine corks as "logs"!

Students observed Tad the tadpole each day.  We recorded our daily findings on a Frog Life Cycle journal page!

Of course, we HAD to sing and act out Five Little Speckled Frogs and use the balance beam as our "rolling log"!

Pick up your FREE copy of the science journal pages  by clicking the link below:


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