Butterfly Life Cycle Emergent Reader {PK-K}

Spring has SPRUNG here in the Pacific Northwest, and I wanted to kick off the season with an engaging and fun emergent reader that combines science with ELA standards!  The Butterfly Life Cycle mini book is ready for you to enjoy with your students (preschool through kindergarten)!

Click here to preview and purchase this emergent reader mini book!
I created this little reader a couple of years ago.  My students enjoy it so much...I wanted to share it with my teacher pals.  After reading my "teacher copy" to the class, which is simply a student copy I color and laminate, I have students make their own book to send home for families to read together. I have found doing so helps build much stronger literacy connections between home and school.  Because the packet includes five versions of the same book, I am easily able to differentiate my materials depending on the needs of my students.  

This download includes:

  • Black and white, ink-friendly pages
  • Three 8.5”x11” sheets of paper per book (creates a six page mini book)
  • Five versions of the book (see image preview below for details) 

Details of the five versions include:
1. Single life cycle stage vocabulary words
2. Focus on life cycle stages vocabulary PLUS sight words: I, see, & the
3. Focus on life cycle stage vocabulary PLUS sight words: here, is, the, & are
4. Independent word/sentence writing featuring plain lines 
5. Independent word/sentence writing featuring handwriting lines 

Simply print pages the pages you need (depending on which version of the emergent reader you choose), cut along the mid-page line, and staple together at the gray staple marks to create a book for your students. 

My little learners take great pride in reading their mini-books to anyone willing to listen, and the books have served me well when it comes to getting families more engaged in reading at home. I hope your students love it as much as mine do.  Be sure to purchase one of these packets to support your spring butterfly unit. 

Here are a few ways we observe and learn about butterflies in my classroom with support from the Butterfly Life Cycle emergent reader:

We made butterfly statues and read a LOT of books about butterflies!

We observed caterpillars and witnessed metamorphosis first hand.
We also wrote and made books about the life cycle of butterflies.

We made our own butterflies and waited...and waited...until...

...beautiful butterflies emerged!

My Butterfly Life Cycle emergent readers are a fabulous way to send some of the butterfly love home.  Children loooove telling adults all about what they do at school. but they often cannot recall or verbally explain what took place.  Emergent readers are one way to help families make connections between school and home.  You can purchase a copy of the printable emergent reader mini books by following this link to my TPT store:  


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