A to Z Summer Write the Room Activities

Thanks for your interest in my A-Z Summer Write The Room Packet. I had such a great time coming up with A-Z summer words for my students, and they had the best time reading, writing, tracing, counting, and getting the most from the activities included in this packet. Parents have been excited to see how letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z (and sometimes other letters) are worked into our classroom word wall each season. My seasonal Write The Room packets have been very engaging for families, which tends to encourage reading more at home (always a huge plus!).

Click the image to preview and purchase this downloadable packet.
This packet includes:
- 28 word wall / pocket chart cards
- Table top word chart (I place mine in acrylic sign holders!)
- 3 differentiated levels of word recording sheets 
- “My favorite summer word” write, draw & tell
- Beginning letter match up
- Syllable count and match
- Syllable count and graph
- Spin and spell (with recording sheets)

Words of Focus:
August, baseball, castle, daisy, extreme, flip flops, grass, hammock, ice cream, June, July, ketchup, lotion, mustard, nectarine, ocean, pool, quench, relax, September, summer, truck, U.V. rays, vacation, watermelon, explore, yard, zucchini

Classroom Ideas:
Print, cut, laminate, and hang the word wall cards around your classroom . You can post the cards in your writing area, a pocket chart, or hang them around the room (walls, doors, cubbies, backs of shelves, etc.). Students can use them to spell & read each word by pointing with their finger or with a pointer. They can record/write the words on the recording sheets provided in this packet.

My students take great pride in writing and reading key words of the season. I hope your students looooove these activities as much as mine do.

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Have a great summer!


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