Grad School Chronicles: Week 12

I will keep week 12's blurb short and sweet because I am up to my eyeballs in lesson plans and end-of-semester projects.  The picture below captured one of the happiest moments I have ever had in a math class.  Yes, this is a curriculum and instruction course, but it does not tone down my happiness meter!

All semester, we have been working on math starters at the beginning of class.  I typically lose interest in them within 15 seconds of not being able to figure out whatever it is I am supposed to be doing.  Unless the math I am doing has to do with my weight, my bank account, or my running pace during a marathon, I am really not interested.  {Nothing personal to those of you math junkies out there!}  However, Monday afternoon, I finally found one interesting enough to stick with it!  To top it off, my answer was correct!

The math starter was really interesting.  It featured a woman who was singing the math problem to us.  During her song, we were supposed to figure it out as we listened to her sing.  This actually is typical of my learning style, as I tend to lean toward anything musical.  I sing a LOT in my classroom.  This has inspired me to find more ways to incorporate singing into my math lessons.  Fun!  I will try to find a link to the video and post it soon.

What are my thoughts for the week?

  • TGNWIFW! (Thank God Next Week Is Finals Week!)


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