Grad School Chronicles: Week 9

Week 9 brought change for me.  Big conversations have been happening at home.  Big conversations have been happening with a few of my classmates.  I started physical therapy for the lack of mobility in my knee since my cancer removal surgery.  (As if I wanted to revisit the cancer part of my life.  It seems to keep haunting me.)  I bought a new tiny laptop to drag between home and school.  I bought a portable fan that plugs into the USB port to tame my hot flashes that always seem to occur in the middle of my Curriculum and Instruction for Math class.  (You can see the computer and fan in the picture below...kind of.)  I also got to play with blocks in that class, which has always been one of my favorite ways to teach math.

Week 9's math instruction involved Unifix cubes...and my hot flash fan.  :)
I stepped into my kindergarten mentor teacher's classroom for the first time Friday morning.  She is a hoot.  The kids are adorable.  I am ready to be back in the classroom already - ready, ready, ready!  I have four more weeks of  lecture-based classes before that will happen.  All in due time, right?

What are my thoughts for the week?
What's up with elementary school teachers talking down to early childhood educators?  They act as if we have never stepped foot in the classroom before.  It is beyond insulting.  This is something for me to place on my "what not to do to other teachers" list once I am working with older students.


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