Grad School Chronicles: Week 7

As I mentioned last week, Monday was the end of the first term.  It's a bit confusing.  Classes run on a semester system, but certain courses are busted up into terms, rather than running the entire length of the semester.  Oddly, the classes that ran on the term timeline were two that easily could have been stretched out a bit longer (for the sake of my sanity and stress level), but that's another story.  For the sake of my weekly blog posts

Anyway, in my final presentation for the term, we had technical difficulties with the PowerPoint end of things. At the last minute (literally), I realized one of the main slides had somehow been deleted.  I quickly made a new slide to that the place of the one that went missing.  (I am not very iPad savvy; especially when it comes to Google Drive.)  I did not realize that there is some sort of "auto correct" type feature when creating a slide within Drive, and what was supposed to say the word "independent".....said "indecent".  Yep, according my my presentation slide, I will have indecent little readers in my kindergarten classroom.  {slaps forehead repeatedly until a big, red hand print appears}

No telling what that oopsie did to my grade.  As awful as it sounds, my error got a hearty laugh from my classmates, and I had to keep on truckin' with my portion of the presentation after turning twelve shades of red.  I persevered!

I came home to find this amazing card waiting for me in the mailbox from one of my long-time friends.  We have known each other since junior high, and she is, no joke, one of the most supportive individuals on the planet.  Feeling the love, even after my indecent day.  lol

What are my thoughts for the week?
1.  Whatever you do, don't trust anything you type into Google Slides on the fly.
2.  I sure am glad to have one term under my belt!
3.  I am proud of myself for too many reasons to list here.  That will have to be another blog post on another day.  :)
4.  I am beyond thankful to have an awesome Texas BFF who loves me enough to send me a card of encouragement!  I love having cheerleaders in my life!!!!


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