Number Match Up Cards One to One Correspondence WINTER SNOWMAN Theme {PreK, K}

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Thanks for your interest in my Snowman Number Match Up Cards (#1-25)

This download includes:
- 1 color version of cards (10 printable pages)
- 1 black and white version of cards (10 printable pages)

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Choose either the color or black and white set of cards. Print 1 copy of each page within the set, cut along dotted lines, and laminate. Students will match numeral cards to dot cards, building critical one to one correspondence skills as they play. (If using the entire set of 1-25 at once will overwhelm your students, choose the cards that best fit their individual and current needs.)

{Tip 1} Create a numbers mini book with these cards by printing one copy, cutting along the dotted lines, and placing inside of a 4x6 “brag book” style photo album (with the number and matching dot card side by side). Place in your math center OR in your library area.

{Tip 2} Create a flip ring to keep near your group meeting or guided reading station. Print, trim, laminate, punch a hole in the upper left corner of each card, and insert a book ring. 

{Tip 3} Copy, trim, and send a copy of the black and white cards home with struggling students!

These cards can be used in so many engaging ways. Be creative & shoot me an email letting me know how you are using them in your classroom. 

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Happy Counting!


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