Grad School Chronicles: Week 2

Week 2 of graduate school has come and gone, and I managed to capture the most beautiful picture to represent my week.

One personal goal I strive to meet each week is to make sure I am following through with staying healthy.  For me, that is somewhat of a multifaceted goal.  Think of it as a goal with lots of little sub goals surrounding it.

A sure fire way for me to ensure I am physically and emotionally taking care of myself is to go for a run.  Friday evening, after a loooooooooong week of overwhelming classes, I hit the road running.  It was a clear day, which is unusual to see in Washington.  The moon was beginning to rise, and I snapped this picture as I ran through campus at WSU.

The moon was bright that night.  I have a feeling my future is about to shine as bright as that moon.

What are my thoughts for the week?
At this point, I am working hard to keep my head above water, but all in all, I have a much better idea of expectations and due dates.  This is an intense full time program that heavily relies on group work.  So far, the groups I have been involved with have consisted of people with a similar work ethic to mine.  I am really dreading the day I am paired up with someone I have a difficult time connecting to and communicating with.  I think we have all been burned by group work in a past educational setting, and I know for me, that left a bad taste in my mouth.  I look forward to seeing positive results from collaboration in the classroom.


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