Grad School Chronicles: Week 1

As of this week, I am officially a full time student (again).  That's right, I am in the classroom as a student, rather than a teacher, and I have decided to document my graduate school journey week by week here on my new(ish) blog.

 You might recall that I have been attending graduate school for a solid year, but I decided to jump ship, change universities, and go for a degree in elementary education.  So far, we have spent a lot of time talking about early childhood education, which is great because both of my degrees were directly related to ECE.  However, I am really looking forward to learning how to teach upper grades.  By that, I mean first, second, and third grade.  Anything over that scares the pajeebers out of me!

This is my "coffee room", which is actually supposed to be the dining room.  :)

The image above totally captures the first week of classes!  Books and binders spread out all over the coffee room.  I have spent many hours in this room reading throughout the week.  Basically, if I am not in class, I am in the coffee room reading.

What are my thoughts for the week?
What in the WORLD have I gotten myself into??????  What in the WORLD was I thinking getting myself into a situation where I have to relive student teaching all over again??????  Sigh.  I can do this.  I am organized, a diligent worker, used to rigorous, university level academics, and have been teaching pre-k for years.  I have experience in the classroom already.  So why has the mere thought of this journey sent me into a tailspin?  

I deserve a big glass of wine once this week is over!


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