Celebrating My One Year Anniversary with a Sale!

Save BIG January 20-21!  I've marked my entire Teachers Pay Teachers store at 20% off!  Use the coupon code START16 to save an additional 10%, which will make a 28% total savings.

Here's a fun little tidbit of information for you; this sale just happens to coincide with the one year anniversary of my very first sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  How stinkin' cool is that?

Click image to browse my TPT store, which is FULL
of awesome pre-k & kindergarten resources!
This sale is a GREAT time to stock up on smaller resources that will support your ever-growing curriculum needs.  I purposely create items that can mix and mingle with many different types of curriculum.  (Mainly because this is what I need for my own classroom!)  One of my best sellers and personal favorites is my Mrs. Wishy-Washy Story Sequence and Retell Cards and Activities packet.  Children looooooove the story, as well as creating the sequence crown to take home and retell the story to family members!

Click image to preview and purchase my Mrs. Wishy-Washy activity packet.

With savings up to 28% off, this is an excellent time to purchase pricier products that might be a little over the normal weekly/monthly classroom budget.  For instance, my Preprimer Sight Word Memory Game Bundle, featuring 13 themed versions of the game, will provide an entire school year of sight word fun.  My kiddos love the familiarity of playing the same game over and over.  The themes provide just enough "oomph" to keep them interested.  Or how about development-based resources, such as my Student Portfolios .  Oooooh, or my "I Can" Statement Cards for bulletin boards!  These help parents (and sometimes administrators) decode early learning standards.  These are especially helpful during conferences!

Click image to purchase my Preprimer Sight Word Memory Game Bundle.

Click image to preview and purchase my Student Portfolio.

Click image to preview and purchase my "I Can" Bulletin Board cards.
Thank you for helping me celebrate the one year mark and for each and every purchase!  Teachers who are willing to collaborate and create rich, engaging curriculum for their students are the best!  Remember to use coupon code START16 to get maxim savings.  :)


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