Ten Frames and Number Cards (0-100) Hands-On Math {SNOWMAN}

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Thanks for your interest in my Snowman Ten Frames (1-10) and Number Cards (1-100)! These cards and mats are very versatile. Here’s how I use them in my classroom...

Number Cards: On card stock, print the number cards pages, cut along the lines, laminate, and place in your math center to practice number recognition and sequence. (I use plastic pencil boxes for number card storage in my math center area. They stack nicely and keep number cards in one spot, with a lid.) 

Ten Frame Mats: On card stock, print each ten frame mat and laminate. Students practice counting by placing playdough balls or small manipulatives within the ten frames as they go. (Puff-pom balls work great for this, but any small item will do!)

{Tip 1} I prefer to use my number cards on a magnet board...so I add adhesive magnetic business cards to the backs of each card.

{Tip 2} Try having students place number cards within the ten frames. Once the frames are laminated, they could also use dry erase markers to number each snowman within the frame.

{Tip 3} If you have a magnet board, try taping off a ten frame with painters tape for student use. (So much fun!)

{Tip 4} Print extra number cards to use with your classroom calendar & number of the day chart.

My students love to count! I see their confidence growing as we use the number cards daily for practice during our morning meeting’s calendar time. I hope your students love this hands-on method of counting as much as mine do.

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Happy Counting,
Heather Cacak
Pre-K Teacher Heather


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