Santa Gave Me a Coil Binder

Okay, Santa did not really give me the coil binder.  I squirreled away all of my Christmas cash others gifted me and purchased the binder on my own.  However, in the spirit of Christmas, I am going to say it was Santa since I did use Christmas cash to seal the deal!

Tah-dah!  My brand new coil binder sitting in the area of my office I lovingly call "the lamination station".

I have wanted a coil binder for a looooong time.  I actually own two comb binding machines that my husband found at Goodwill.  They are both nice, but they each have serious faults that cause me to keep both of the units on hand.  Also, they take up a giant footprint in my home office.  Oh, and unless I E-6000 (super glue) the comb teeth, pages pop out of whatever it is I have made for my classroom.  It's beyond annoying; especially when it comes to making books for my class library.  (I am so tired of re-comb binding books and work packets.)

After researching this topic to death, I ended up choosing the TruBind machine with an electric coil insert wheel.  It was less than half the cost of machines other teachers (and home school moms) are blogging about, and it seems to match most (if not all) the specs of the more expensive units.  I made sure to purchase several sizes of coil bindings while I was at it.  I chose 1/4",  1/2",  and 1".

My first two attempts at coil binding were successful!
I plan to get a lot of practice coil binding my entire world, and let me be the first to say, this machine will take a bit of practice before it isn't time consuming to use.  Watching youtube videos to gain tips and hits to bind more efficiently was a wise move, but I still need to practice before setting out to bind a classroom set of morning workbooks!  Lucky for me, the perfect opportunity for practice resides in my home office.  With a new round of grad school looking me smack in the face, I anticipate an enormous amount of paperwork ahead of me.  The first thing on my agenda was getting to work reprinting my "teaching calendar" and binding it.  It will be used exclusively for my graduate work.  Mission accomplished!  (See image above.)  The bound book under the calendar was my "trial run" book.  I basically yanked an old exam study guide out of a three ring binder for practice, which should explain why the paper features binder holes.

You can check out the coil binding machine and all of the specs HERE.  If you get one, be sure to buy the crimping pliers.  They cut and crimp the end of the coil all at once -- slick.


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