Froggy Gets Dressed Sequence Activities

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Thanks for your interest in my Froggy Gets Dressed Story Retelling and Sequencing Cards & Activities - inspired by the popular children’s book by Jonathan London.

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I find story retelling & sequencing works best as a teacher-led, whole or small group activity.

This download includes:
-1 set of 12 story retell cards
- 9 clothing cards (scarf, underwear, hat, mittens, pants, shirt, coat, socks, boots)
- 12 numeral & 12 ordinal cards
- 2 title cards (one color, one b/w)
- 1 author card
- 1 illustrator card
- 2 Sequence Activities: I have included one sequencing “cut and paste” activity and one story retelling necklace activity. Both work well in a classroom setting, as well as in family engagement/home learning kits. Students in my class are encouraged to take completed sequencing activities home and explain the story to at least one adult family member.

In My Classroom: I read Froggy Gets Dressed to my class over and over throughout the week. Once children are familiar with the book, I use the sequence cards as an engaging and interactive math activity. I place adhesive business card magnets to the back of my “teacher set” of cards. Doing so helps me create a really fun whole group, small group, or individual center activity utilizing my magnet board. For my literacy center, I have a “kid set” of cards in a pocket chart hanging on the wall. (No magnets on that set – just laminate and trim.) Students can sequence and number on their own or with a buddy. In general, I find my story retell & sequence cards are most effective during teacher-led, whole or small group sessions.

Story Retell Cards: Print the story retell & number cards (pages 5-9), trim all the cards, laminate them, and have students retell and number the sequence of events that take place during the book Froggy Gets Dressed. (Each story card is numbered in the bottom right corner. This helps teachers quickly sort the cards for storage!)

Clothing Sequence Cards: Print page 10, cut around each of the clothing cards, laminate them, and have students match the article of clothing that represents the sequence of adding or removing clothing that takes place while reading. (In other words, if the story states, “He put on his mittens”...someone puts the mitten card in the pocket chart/on the magnet board.) This story involves a LOT of putting on and taking off winter clothing. The cards are an easy way to visually add and subtract those articles of clothing while reading along. 

Story Sequence Cut & Paste Activity: Students will need crayons, scissors, and glue sticks. Print one sequence cut and paste activity per student (page 12). Students will color and cut out each clothing card. They will then sequence the pieces of clothing (cards) onto the number squares in the order Froggy forgets to put them on in the story.

Story Retelling Necklace Activity: Students will need crayons, scissors, a hole punch, yarn, and pony beads. Print the necklace cards (page 13) on card stock for durability. Cut the page in half so each student has one strip of necklace sequence cards. Have students color Froggy’s clothes, cut around each card, punch a hole at the top of each card, and lace the picture cards onto a long piece of yarn in the same order Froggy forgets to put them on in the story (with two to three pony beads between each picture card). {Tip} With younger preschool students, as well as children with special needs, it is sometimes helpful to have long pieces of yarn 1) pre-cut and ready to string, as well as 2) taped on one end to keep the yarn from splitting while lacing.

Happy Sequencing,
Heather Cacak
(Pre-K Teacher Heather)

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