Fine Motor Tracing Dry Erase Cards P-K {THANKSGIVING}

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Thanks for your interest in my Thanksgiving Fine Motor Tracing Dry Erase Cards. Please view my preview to ensure this packet is a good fit for your classroom needs, as it does include pilgrim and indian graphics. 

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This download includes:
- 39 color and 39 black and white cards 
- Three cards per 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper
- Each card measures approximately 2.5” x 10.25” (when trimmed close to the border) 
- Three sizes of each line or shape
- 26 printable pages in all!

Students can trace the lines and shapes to build fine motor skills. The lined cards feature a “start dot” and an “stop picture”. The shape cards feature a “start dot” that also serves as the “stop dot”. Teachers should tell children to start at the dot and end at the picture (or to keep tracing until they meet the dot again).

9 shapes are featured: parallelogram, triangle, circle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, diamond, and oval.

4 line styles are included: straight, wavy, jumping, and zig-zag.

Prep As Individual Cards:
Print the desired pages (choose color or black and white) , trim around each card border, and laminate.

Create Super Low Prep Center Mats:
Print the pages you need (choose color or black and white) and slide into clear page protectors to create instant dry erase mats.

{Tip 1} The black and white pages create excellent home learning skills packets! Send them home with students over Thanksgiving break to help them retain skills and strength.

{Tip 2} Have a few kiddos struggling with fine motor skills? Send black and white copies home with them to build skills with family members.

{Tip 3} Shake things up by having students roll out play dough “snakes” to place over the dotted tracing lines! This works especially well with the larger size tracing lines and shapes.

Happy Skill Building,
Heather Cacak
Pre-K Teacher Heather

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