Printable American Sign Language {ASL} Preprimer Sight Word Cards

Thanks for your interest in my ASL Preprimer Sight Word Cards. I use sign language in my classroom to keep students active as we work and learn, and it is effective in many ways! As children spell words with their fingers, their brains are more actively engaged in the activity at hand, creating a higher chance of retention. For children who tend to be a little more wiggly than their peers, finger spelling as we work is often a good outlet for that extra energy. ASL is a great fine motor activity (especially first thing in the morning). I have found it to be a wonderful way to get those little fingers moving!

Each card measures approximately 2.5” x 5”. They fit well in pocket charts, on word walls, or in small baskets/containers for group sessions. In my classroom, I print and laminate two sets of cards. The first is for the word wall. The second set is mobile. I attach magnetic business cards on the back of each card for use with my magnet board. ( I am a magnet board junkie!) The black and white version (included in this download) is a fabulous way to promote learning at home. I make a copy for each student, trim, staple into a small booklet, and send home so children can practice with family members.

Words of Focus:
a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, red, run, said, see, the, three, to, two, up, we, where, yellow, you

Simple to Prep:
- Print pages 4-10
- Laminate each page
- Trim along the border of each card

{Tip} Print pages 11-17 to send home with students!

Each download includes the bonus black and white version, perfect for home learning!  These cards are available in the following patterns...

Find all of my ASL Sight Word Cards HERE!

Happy Sight Word Signing,
Heather Cacak
Pre-K Teacher Heather


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