I Am a Bat Life Cycle Full Size Classroom Book (Science & Literacy)

Thanks for your interest in my I Am a Bat Classroom Book. I wanted a bat-related life cycle book for my Pre-K students that 1) we could sing as we go, 2) would not frighten them, and 3) contained basic information about bat life. I created this fun, engaging book, and even my youngest, most sensitive students love it! 

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This download includes:
- One (10 page) printable book
- Large text in a plain handwriting font 
- 7 bat-related vocabulary words cards taken from words featured in the book (clinging, fly, hibernation, nursery, pup, roost, wings)

Simply print pages 5-13 on 8.5” x 11” paper or card stock, laminate, and bind or staple the pages together to create a book for your classroom. 

{Tip 1} Sing text to the tune of Over in the Meadow for a fun twist!

{Tip 2} I like to bind my printable books with a comb binder. My youngest students tend to pull the pages out of the comb. To eliminate that from happening, I dab a tiny, tiny bit of E6000 glue on each little comb tooth. Now my books last several years before needing to be replaced! The glue can be found in craft stores or HERE.

{Tip 3} There is also an I Am a Bat printable (black and white) emergent reader 
available. I send the emergent reader books home so families can read together. I have found doing so helps build much stronger literacy connections between home and school!Find it HERE!

Find more of my classroom books HERE!

Happy Reading,
Heather Cacak
Pre-K Teacher Heather



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