The Runaway Bunny Story Sequence and Retelling Cards (Math and Literacy)

Thanks for your interest in my The Runaway Bunny Story Sequencing Cards that correlate with the popular children’s board book by Margaret Wise Brown. 

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This download includes:
- 9 story sequence action cards
- 9 numeral and 9 ordinal cards
- 2 title cards (one color, one b/w)
- 1 author card
- 1 illustrator card

Simply print pages 4 - 8, cut around each card, laminate them, and have students retell the sequence of events that take place during the book The Runaway Bunny. 

I read book The Runaway Bunny to my class over and over throughout the week. Once children are familiar with the text and images, I use the sequence cards as an engaging and interactive math activity. My students take great pride in retelling the story through sequencing Little Bunny’s actions. I hope your students looooove using these cards as much as mine do.

{Tip 1} I place adhesive business card magnets to the back of my cards. Doing so helps me create a really fun whole group, small group, or individual center activity utilizing my magnet board. The cards also work well with pocket charts.

{Tip 2} I use this packet as inspiration for student writing journals by having students draw (and write/dictate) the way they think Little Bunny’s mother would react if Little Bunny really did all of the actions in the book. An extension of this activity could be writing/drawing what they think their own family would do if they did one (or more) of the actions Little Bunny described. (The descriptions children give during this activity are HILARIOUS!)

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Happy Teaching,
Heather Cacak
(Pre-K Teacher Heather)


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