Rainbow Teddy Bears Count & Match File Folder Game

Thanks for your interest in my Rainbow Teddy Bear Count & Match File Folder Game

Click here to preview the game & make a purchase.  :)

The download includes:
- 9 printable pages in all
- one color version of the game
- one black and white (bw) version of the game
- file folder labels
- the option to use the included game pieces or actual counting bears (if you have some)

Students will use counting bears (manipulatives) or the provided game pieces to play the game:
- If game pieces are used, they will trace the number with their finger and match one game piece per ten frame on the game mat. 
- If counting bears are used, they will trace the number with their finger and place a manipulative on each bear within the ten frame. (I use Learning Resources Baby Bears in my classroom. I like that there are six colors in the set!)

Assembly is super simple...
1. Print the game mat pages (choose color or black and white), laminate them, and use double face tap to adhere them to a file folder. 1-5 on one side and 6-7 on the other side of the file folder (see next page for sample image).
2. Print, trim and laminate the game pieces. 
3. {Optional} On the game mat, place a clear sticky dot of (hook/scratchy side) Velcro on each ten frame. On the back of each game piece, place sticky dot (loop/soft side) of Velcro. This keeps the game pieces from slipping while playing. I do not suggest this if you plan on exclusively using counting bears, as it would be a wasted step and expense.
4. Store game pieces in an envelope attached to the front of the file folder. I like to laminate my envelopes to make them last longer. (Again, see next page.) I also add Velcro to the flap so they are able to securely close.
5. Label the file folder tab.

{Tip 1} If game pieces/bears are ending up everywhere but the game mat, try placing the game on a large tray or cookie sheet. That usually does the trick for students unable to figure out space boundaries on their own. 

{Tip 2} This could be a quick match up and coloring activity for fast finishers. Print the black and white copy of the game mats, do not laminate, allow students to make matches with counting bear manipulatives. Once they are done making matches & counting, they can color in the bears. 

{Tip 3} Head Start staff, this works well as a math activity to send home in family engagement and homework packets (sent home with a little baggie of crayons). 

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Happy Counting,
Heather Cacak
(Pre-K Teacher Heather)



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