Rainbow Teddy Bear Count & Match Math Center Ten Frame Cards #1-10

Thanks for your interest in my Rainbow Teddy Bear Count & Match Math Center Ten Frames Cards #1-10. Students will choose a card, trace the number with their finger, and place a manipulative on each bear within the ten frame, counting as they go. (I use Learning Resources Baby Bears in my classroom. I like that there are six colors in the set!)

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This download includes:
- 12 printable pages in all
- 3 variations of #1-10 (single color bear per number card, multi color bears per number card, black and white bears)
- 3 center area signs
- Focus on #1-10

Little Prep Required:
1. Print the card pages that will best suit the needs of your student(s); choose single color per number, mixed colors, or black and white. 
2. Trim each card & laminate 
3. Place in your math center with a basket of counting bears
4. {Optional} I’ve provided three center signs. Print and laminate those you need.

{Tip 1} If bears are ending up everywhere but the center cards, try placing the cards on a fast food style tray or cookie sheet. That usually does the trick for students unable to figure out space boundaries on their own. 

{Tip 2} Head start staff, I have found the black and white pages of this packet make excellent family engagement & home learning packet sheets. Students can color and point/count with their family – no manipulatives needed.

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Happy Counting,
Heather Cacak
(Pre-k Teacher Heather)



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