Our Emotions Match Up File Folder Game

Thanks for your interest in my "Our Emotions Match Up File Folder Game"Print the game mats and pieces, laminate, add them to a file folder, and play! This activity helps children label emotions with rich vocabulary, and it is especially helpful in early childhood classrooms where we want students “using their words”. To play, students will use the game pieces by matching one emotion card per face on the game mat.

Click here to preview and purchase.

Click here to preview and purchase.

{Tip 1} If game pieces are ending up everywhere but the file folder game mat, try placing the game on a large tray or cookie sheet instead. That usually does the trick for students unable to figure out space boundaries on their own.

{Tip 2} I use this as a one player game, but it is also a ton of fun to play the game as a group during small group sessions or morning meeting!

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