Five Little Pumpkins Felt & Magnet Board Activity (Math & Literacy)

Thanks for your interest in my Five Little Pumpkins Magnet & Felt Board Activity

This download includes:
- 18 printable pages in all
- 6 printable versions of pumpkins #1-5 (blank, Jack-O-Lanterns, numerals, number names, and ten frames)
- an 8.5"x11" printable poem
- printable felt and/or magnet board pieces
- printable words for poem construction & sentence creation

Print the pages that best fit your needs, trim the pieces, laminate, and attach magnets, felt, or Velcro, depending on the platform you have available in your classroom. I created a "witch" and "bat" version for you to choose from when printing and presenting to your class.

After reading through the poem during group sessions for a few days, put the poem together with the words included in this download. My students and I have so much fun with this activity, and I hope you and your class loves it as much as we do! There is really no right or wrong way to tackle this activity. Fly with it & make it your own! 

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Happy Teaching,
Heather Cacak


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