Bulletin Board STRIPES "I Can" Statement Cards {TSG Head Start Pre-K}

Thanks for your interest in my Stripes Bulletin Board “I Can” Statements. Simply print them & post throughout your classroom. They also work well in pocket charts & on traveling tri-fold boards!

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These cards were created to help families decode and make connections with early learning standards used in most early childhood settings. The cards let everyone know what it might look like when standards are met by a child, and the color coded background for each card helps keep the standards and areas of focus categorized. 

Standards & Areas of Focus Include:
Social-Emotional Development = Red Stripes
Physical Development = Aqua Stripes
Cognitive Development = Orange Stripes
Mathematics = Pink Stripes
Social Studies = Blue Stripes
Language = Purple Stripes
Literacy = Green Stripes
The Arts = Brown Stripes
English Language Acquisition = Black Stripes

Click to preview and purchase.
I created similar charts for my classroom several years ago and utilized the information in a variety of preschool , pre-k, and Head Start settings. This school year, I created these cards for my bulletin board and could not wait to share it with other teachers out there! I hope you (and your families) find these cards as useful as I do!

Check out my Student Portfolios HERE! The also align with early learning standards. 

Happy Teaching,
Heather Cacak
{Pre-K Teacher Heather}



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