Monthly Self Portrait & Handwriting Assessment Recording Sheets

Thanks for your interest in my no prep Monthly Name Writing & Self Portrait Recording Sheets. There are two formats to choose from, and with no year stamp on the pages, this is a packet that can be used year after year. 

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Students will write their name on the writing lines and create a self portrait in the picture frame or box.

{Tip 1} These recording sheets could be used for monthly developmental growth assessment purposes. 

{Tip 2} I keep a copy of each student’s recording sheet in their file so I can easily flip through and see what skill needs to be targeted, as well as exactly where growth has taken place. 

{Tip 3} Add pages to student portfolios to show growth. It’s really amazing to see how quickly fine motor skills progress month to month. Parents love seeing this growth during conferences!

{Tip 4} I also like to show students their work from previous months! They enjoy seeing their own growth as much as I do. I wait to do this until after the current month is complete. My goal is not to remind them of needed improvement(s). It is simply to let them know I appreciate their hard work.

The picture frame / icon version of these recording sheets are included in my Student Portfolio Packets

Happy Teaching,
Heather Cacak
(Pre-K Teacher Heather)


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