Preprimer Apple Sight Word Assessment {FREE}

Thanks for your interest in my FREEBIE Preprimer Apple Sight Word Assessment.

Click for your FREE Dolch sight word assessment packet!

Click for your FREE Dolch sight word assessment packet!
These colorful cards make sight word assessment more like a fun game! Print a copy of the sight word cards, trim them, laminate, and use the set with each student. Print enough assessment pages for your class. (I keep mine in my student portfolio binders.) Students read through the apple sight word cards, and you keep track of it all on the recording sheet included in this packet. Color or mark the boxes with a highlighter for the proper assessment period column. It’s easier to read in the long run if you use a different color highlighter each assessment period. (I use blue for 1, yellow for 2, and green for 3.) Whether you mark words that are correct or incorrect is up to you. (I mark correct words because I believe it builds self-esteem and confidence!)

These cards are also part of my FREE Apple Sight Word Memory Game, and can also be used in so many other ways. Be creative & shoot me an email letting me know how you are using them in your classroom. 

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Happy Assessing,
Heather Cacak


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