Areas in My Play-Based Classroom Pre-K & Head Start Parent Information Packet

Thanks for your interest in my Areas in My Play-Based Classroom PacketSimply print the info pages and include them in your new student information packets, post them throughout your classroom, and add them to each student’s development portfolio.

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The following pages were created to help paint a portrait for adults who might be unaware of what a hands-on, play-based pre-k setting looks like. When they are able to connect the value of play with academic characteristics, they have a much better understanding of why we do what we do at the pre-k level.

I created this packet for my classroom many years ago. I have utilized these information sheets year after year in a variety of preschool , pre-k, and Head Start settings. I hope you (and your families) find these pages as useful as I do!

Find Areas in My Play-Based Classroom packet HERE!

Or Find the full version of my Student Portfolios HERE!

Happy Teaching,
Heather Cacak


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